Dr. Nicolas Krink

Dr. Nicolas Krink


Nicolas Krink combines academic background in synthetic biology with entrepreneurial initiatives. Starting with a Bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Freiburg, he advanced his education with a Master's from the Center for Interdisciplinary Research at Paris Sorbonne Cité, supplemented by research at Stanford University and the Joint BioEnergy Institute. His scholarly journey continued with a Ph.D. from the Max Planck Institute in Marburg.

Post-Ph.D., Nico engaged in postdoctoral research under the Novo Nordisk Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship and furthered his studies at DTU Biosustain, progressing from independent postdoc to project co-PI on a project backed by the Joint Genome Institute.

Outside academia, Nico has been active in community building and innovation. He co-founded and led the German Association for Synthetic Biology (GASB) and contributed as an advisory board member. His venture into the commercial sector through a part-time position at BlueYard provided him with essential insights into the commercialization of scientific research.

Lately, Nico has applied his expertise at the German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation (SPRIND), enhancing the biotech startup ecosystem in Germany and beyond. Here, he employs his knowledge and experience to transform innovative ideas into practical solutions, exemplifying his commitment to bridging the divide between scientific research and market application, with a modest approach recognizing the collaborative development of biotechnology.