Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen - Thüringer ClusterManagement

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The LEG Thüringen® is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Free State of Thuringia with more than 250 employees. It supports companies in all aspects of business development, investment as well as research and development activities.

The Thuringian ClusterManagement (ThCM), a part of LEG Thüringen, is driving innovation in Thuringia. We foster collaboration between companies, research, and scientific institutions to expand, strengthen and inspire innovation in our region. In addition to organising and implementing events, workshops, and trade fairs, we support clusters and networks in Thuringia in raising their profile.

In the health care/life sciences sector, the ThCM maintains contact to the relevant stakeholders along the health care value chain. Facilitating cooperation between top research facilities and industry drives the development of Thuringian core topics including “biophotonics/bioinstruments”, “infection research/diagnostics”, “digital health”, “healthy nutrition” and “healthy ageing”.

We provide information about current funding programmes of the region, the federal government and the EU and accompany projects from their idea to the funded project. In doing so, we support our stakeholders in initiating, assisting, and coordinating strategically important projects.

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