BioRiver - Life Science im Rheinland e. V.

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BioRiver is the industry association for biotech and life science companies, universities and both stakeholders in the Rhineland bio cluster in North-Rhine Westphalia.
Global chemical and pharmaceutical firms have established along the river Rhine since 1863 and build the backbone and basis for the biotech and life science industry today. Companies from start-ups to small and medium sized as well as to world market leading corporates are based in the Rhineland cluster, closely connected to their respective alma mater still.
A dense and internationally renowned scientific community in the life sciences, of universities, research institutions and independent scientific institutes, contributes to the viable life science cluster in the Rhineland.

At BioRiver we focus on activities that contribute to our network and the associated member organization. The support to founding projects and start-ups by the means of the start-up competition BioRiver Boost! and related activities is a lighthouse of BioRiver.

At the Deutsche Biotechnologietage you can easily connect with us at the BIO.NRW booth. We are active part of the sessions “Climate change and health”, 29 March, 11.30 am, and “Innovation Prize of German BioRegions”, 28 March, 4.30 pm.

We are especially interested to learn more about your business when you are a young entrepreneur or prepare to start your founding project in 2023 or 2024, because then the BioRiver Boost! is a competition that fits to you.

Experts who want to share their knowledge in biopharma, eg cell and gene therapy, personalized medicine and diagnostics, as well as plant biotechnology will find interested listeners at BioRiver.


BioRiver – Life Science im Rheinland e.V.
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Phone: +(49) 211 316 0610