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Biotechnology offers essential approaches for solving the global challenges of our time. To drive the sustainable development of biotechnology in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), the stakeholders involved need to be well networked.

The BIO.NRW network acts on behalf of the state government and is an umbrella organization in NRW. It works with the local and regional networks in NRW to bring together entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, and the general public. The network also supports collaboration at the state level as well as at the national and international level. BIO.NRW does marketing for NRW as a location, organizes network events, and supports young enterprises and entrepreneurs in many ways. A special strength of NRW is the many enterprises active in the area of pharmaceutical biotechnology.

For this reason, the strategic priority specifically targets the pharmaceutical biotechnology sector.
Structural change and climate targets are leading to changes in industry in favour of a sustainable economy and sustainable production. covers this priority area, focussing on the fields of bioeconomy, circular economy with renewable raw materials and the creation of new products from waste materials, as well as other topics such as the resource-conserving production of food products.

In this way, BIO.NRW is shaping research and innovation in North Rhine-Westphalia and encouraging growth in the biotechnology economy.

Keep an eye on the biotech sector in NRW!

The biotech sector in North Rhine-Westphalia has developed rapidly over the last decade thanks in part to several advantageous location factors. BIO.NRW provides information on the prospects, strengths, and potential associated with NRW as a location for biotechnology. This includes facts and figures that are updated annually and appear in our Spot on Business brochure. In addition, BIO.NRW provides an overview of current R&D activities in industry and science. All of this information is made available free of charge and can be found on the BIO.NRW website.

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